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All about Chifure Corporation

Rather than merely launching products in the market, Chifure is actively involved in various global issues, including environmental problems, and the company tries to find ways of dealing with them from a manufacturer's viewpoint.

At Chifure, each employee grows and is evaluated according to the personal goals that he or she has set for himself/herself. Through this positive approach, we aim at creating a corporate culture in which every employee can work with a sense of satisfaction.

Chifure works to achieve both its own prosperity and the well-being of its customers by helping each customer with her desire to stay beautiful, rather than merely pursuing profits as a business enterprise.

Chifure was the pioneer in disclosing the complete data pertaining to the names and quantities of all the ingredients formulated and contained in each product. This was done to satisfy the customer's right to have access to data and to enable them to identify ingredients that are compatible or incompatible with them. Information showing the year and month of manufacture is also indicated in a readily intelligible manner.

Having started with 100 cosmetics, Chifure Corporation has always been striving to provide products of even higher quality at reasonable prices by means of ongoing consistent cost reductions through the streamlining of distribution channels, cutting back the money spent on advertising, the abolition of excessive packaging and the use of mass production.

With the motto "Cherish what you already have," Chifure was the industry's first to adopt refillable cosmetic containers. We have been energetically promoting resource-saving starting with what can be done straight away, through abolition of excessive product packaging, active use of recycled paper and devotion to product development utilizing recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

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