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Chifure’s  Original Brands

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Just because a celebrity advertises the product, because of the elaborate package design, or because it is highly priced・・・ cosmetics are often selected merely because of their image. Chifure, however, has always been diametrically opposed to this form of marketing. Based on the belief that cosmetics must be chosen for their quality, particularly because they come into direct contact with the skin, Chifure has always pursued "real stuff." During the nearly 30 years of its pursuit for cosmetics that speak of quality, rather than image, Chifure has always minimized its advertising and has simplified its packaging as much as possible. Its consistent search for "real stuff" has given rise to the new value in cosmetics of "avoiding waste," which resulted in the creation of its three original brands, Chifure, Ayaka and MC-II


To counter the misconception about cosmetics that "the higher the price, the better the quality and the greater the ability to make the users more beautiful," Chifure has created quality products at reasonable prices for years. As proof of its quality and safety, Chifure has disclosed the information on all the ingredients and their quantities formulated and contained in its products. It has also displayed on all of its products the month and year of manufacture in a readily intelligible way.


The days when beauty only meant youth are now over. As wine matures over time, the beauty found in a woman who grows confidently into maturity as she fulfills her inner self is filled with a touching brilliance. While viewing the beauty of such growing and maturing women as "timeless beauty," Ayaka was born from the wish to fulfill every requirement expected of cosmetics in daily cosmetic life, including skincare. A brand with a sense of fulfillment, it accommodates the diverse needs and wants that cosmetics are expected to satisfy, including superb feel in use and having a formulation of high-function ingredients, including moisturizing ingredients, in addition to providing a range of basic cosmetic care. A container with a sophisticated design, the heart fulfilling feel of use, and high-function ingredients that the skin can distinguish・・・ all these are offered at prices that customers feel are justifiable.

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